• IN Atelier, Poarta Schei Street, No 6, Brașov
  • Sunday, September 10, 10:00 - 13:00
  • Materials included for workshop
  • Lecturer: Irina Neacșu - designer, Botanical illustration and applied art artist ASBA (irinaneacsu.com)
  • Group: 10 students
  • Included:
    • water, tea and coffee
  • The workshop it's dedicated to beginner and medium students in oil painting techniques.


`Cubism is the art of depicting new wholes with formal elements borrowed not only from the reality of vision, but from that of conception.` – G. Apolinaire

We learn to bring to light the reality as a complex reality from more points of view through all its emotions at the same time, and not perceiving this reality in the true dimension only from one perspective. The exercise during class consist on oil painting the still life through the angle of the cubist concept and the characteristic technique of this cultural current.

Price 37 euro / 170 ron 

Sunday – 10:00 – 13:00 – the observation of the still life model, abstraction, oil painting techniques




We are glad to welcome you to the Bucharest showroom and the Brasov atelier with a variety of creative couses, along with original design and workpieces made by Irina Neacșu, in a relaxing and inspiring atmosphere.
We also invite you to the workshops in Transylavania, in a authentic decor, full of tradition and nature, to experience together the botanical illustration and easel painting.

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